God's Economy

God’s Economy is a radical approach to economics based on the good news of the Kingdom of God. Everything on earth belongs to God, so all our economic activity is part of his economy, whether we acknowledge him or not.

God’s economy is a good economy. Since we have his ethical standards, we can describe how a good economy would function. What will produce the most wealth is not relevant. What matters for a follower of Jesus is obeying him. We want an economy that is right and good in his eyes, even if it does not function as well as other systems. It is better to be good before God than to be prosperous or wealthy.

Modern economics focuses on what will work. This book sees economic issues as ethical questions: what should be done, not what will work. Our question about every economic policy should be this: Is it morally right? Does it comply with God’s word? Is it good?

A good economic policy is one that complies with God’s ethical standards. The irony is that the right economic policies may not achieve the goals that many politician’s desire: fast economic growth or equal income distribution. However, Christians should always be advocates for the right policies, not effective policies.

This book describes the Instructions for Economic Life that God gave through Moses. Jesus confirmed this guidance and adapted it for people who are loving one another in a Kingdom Community. Applying the Instructions for Economic Life will completely transform our economic behaviour and business activity.

Government of God is a prequel to the God's Economy.

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Government of God

Jesus came to establish a better government

Jesus began his ministry on earth by announcing a new kingdom (government). He claimed that this government is good news for everyone (Luke 8:1). In a world where most people are fed up with their government, an announcement of a better government is good news. The Government of God will transform political authority and solve the problems that modern governments have failed to resolve.

Modern systems of government are based on coercion. Jesus is different from other kings, so the Government of God will be radically different from every other government. God refuses to impose his authority by force. He wants people to accept his authority and do his will because they love him and want to serve him.

In the Government of God, Jesus will be judge, lawgiver and king (Is 33:22). His government will provide justice that is fair and effective, support for people in poverty, and protection from evil attacks.

This book describes how a body of believers gathered in a neighbourhood can becomes a Kingdom Community. Kingdom Communities will be based on love and sharing. They will provide justice, support and protection for their community, without resorting to force and coercion or compulsory taxation.

Kingdom Authority is a prequel to the Government of God.

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Kingdom Authority

Big Authority Shifts that changed History

The gospel of the Kingdom raises a couple of serious questions.

Jesus prayed that God's authority would be done on earth and it is in heaven. This raises a big question. How did the God who created the universe end up losing authority over the earth? What happened on earth and in heaven that meant his authority on earth has to be restored?

Why has God taken so long? Things went wrong on earth right at the beginning. Yet God let thousands of years go by before he sent Jesus to put things right. Why did he let evil go on for so long, before something about it?

To understand these questions, we must understand the working of authority and the big shifts in authority that have shaped history on earth. These big authority shifts that have shaped history are the theme of this book.

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Times and Seasons

Gods Plan for History

Many Christians believe that we are getting close to the second coming of Jesus and that that the end of the world is near. They are right to think that we are getting close to a change of season, but because they do not understand the times and seasons, they are looking for the wrong events.

The problem is that popular teaching about the last days, a seven-year tribulation, a rapture and millennium has led to confusion about times and season. The timetables produced by the end-time teachers have been wrong again and again.

This book takes a different approach. It begins with the ministry of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit and ends with the glory of the Kingdom of God. The key seasons and the epochal events that mark the change from each season to the next are clearly described.

Key Themes

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Prophetic Ministry

Lack of vision and direction limits the modern church. Many Christians just go from fad to fad, with nothing followed through to completion. Many churches have to obtain a vision by copying other successful churches. The Bible says that without a vision the people will perish (Prov 29:18). A dearth of prophets has caused a lack of vision in the church

The church needs prophets to give a clear call to battle. It is currently losing the battle because it does not have a focused strategy. A great babble of voices all claim to have the truth and Christians are tossed around by every new wave that comes along. A clear prophetic voice is needed to prepare the church for victory. The most urgent need of the modern church is for the restoration of the prophetic ministry. This book describes how this ministry fits in the church

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Healing: Insights for Christian Elders

Healing and sickness are critical issues for the church. The Bible teaches that gift of salvation includes both forgiveness and healing in the same package. Jesus confirmed this by healing wherever he went. He healed so many sick people that even his enemies had to take him seriously

The New Testament has two strreams of teaching on healing.

The gift of healing is primarily for unbelievers as a demonstration of the love of God. The Gospels and Acts describe how the gift of healing works in evangelism. Jesus brought good news to apostate Israel, so his ministry often demonstrated this type of healing. Healing of the unbeliever is based on the mercy of God.

The New Testament also explains how God’s people can walk in health. Healing is part of salvation, so it should be a normal part of every believer’s life. James is a key passage in this second stream. Healing of the believer is based on the covenant.

Healing the sick was crucial for the success of the early church. This book provides fifteen keys that will help God’s people obtain greater victory over pain and sickness.

Key Themes

Healing and Evangelism
Christians and Healing
Sickness through Sin
Deception and Control
Direct Attack of Sickness
Practical Issues
Elders and Pastors
The Rock of Offence

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Being Church: Where Where Live

Christians all over the world have become dissatisfied with existing forms of church. Some are so frustrated that they have stopped going to church at all. These people are not troublemakers or backsliders, but are some of the best people God has. They have become disillusioned with a church that absorbs all their time and energy, but seems to be going nowhere.

Desperate situations call for radical change. More of the same will not get us to where we want to be. If we want the new wine of the Holy Spirit, we must shape our wineskins according to God's plan.

If you know in your heart that God has something better, and want to go hard out for it, you need to read this book. It offers a radical vision, based on the scriptures, that will stir your heart and explain God’s purposes in these times.

Key Themes

Christian Community
Building Relationships
Power Pairs
Making Disciples
Spiritual Protection
Meeting in Houses
The Lord Supper
The Kingdom of God
Starting a New Church The Holy Spirit is Leader
Shared Leadership
Balanced Ministry
Role of the Apostle
Prophets in the Church
Real Pastor/Teachers
Healing Evangelism
Dynamic Deacons
Professional Worshippers
Calling for Radical Christians

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