Many Christians are saying that the Covid virus is a sign that we living in the "End Times". The problem with this is that the expression "End Times" is never used in the scriptures. Looking for scriptures that describe a season/event that is not referred to in the Bible is problematic, because the reader can easily assume that a particular passage relates to a time period for which it is not relevant. This will lead to a confusion about what is happening.

Most "End Times" preachers base their messages on Matthew 24, which they claim has signs of the "End Times". This is a confusing way of interpreting Jesus' Big Prophecy, because Jesus never used the expression "End Times". The expression "End Times" is not helpful for understanding Jesus' words. The prophecy was fulfilled when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD, so it is foolish to use it to understand the current season.

The Bible describes a number of seasons and epochal events. Some have already occurred and others are still in the future. They are all named clearly and it is also fairly clear which scriptures relate to each season/event. Unless we understand all these seasons/events and how they relate to each other, we will get confused about how and when various scriptural prophecies were fulfilled or will be fulfilled in the future.

Here is a list of some of the key events/seasons described in the scriptures.

We need to understand them and be clear about which of the various prophetic scriptures relate to each one. This requires precision. Rather than vaguely looking for so-called "End Times" scriptures, we should be looking for scriptures that apply to particular biblical events/seasons. Gathering prophetic scriptures and claiming that they refer to the end-times, and therefore are relevant now, will produce confusion about what is happening in the world now.

The events in the list above are described in full in Times and Seasons. The scriptures are applied precisely according to the terms that they use. Getting this right will clarify what is happening now.