Very few Christians believe that the church will establish the Kingdom of God in this age. They believe that the gospel will be successful at times and that some churches will grow very large. However, the possibility that the Kingdom of God will be established does not occur to them. This idea doesn't even figure in their dreams.

They do not expect the kingdom to be established now. In fact, if things on earth get worse, it is a sign that the of Jesus is getting closer. Therefore we often don't really want to see the kingdom being established.

This doctrine that Jesus will return to establish the Kingdom is Satan's greatest lie. He has used this lie to successfully cripple the church.

The teaching that Jesus has to come back to establish the Kingdom of God is not true. The Bible teaches that Jesus will return to receive the kingdom from the church, so that he can hand it back to the father (1 Cor 15:24,25).

Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God incessantly. His gospel was a gospel of the kingdom. It was not a gospel of the Kingdom at the end of the age. It was a gospel of the Kingdom of God at hand, now. He commissioned the church to establish the kingdom, now.

This is strange. Jesus' view of the Kingdom is different from the view that most Christians have of the kingdom. The reason is that many Christians have unwittingly accepted a lie from Satan. He has fooled us into believing that Jesus will establish the Kingdom when he returns. He has fooled us into believing that we don't have to do it, because Jesus will do it. The problem with this is that he has robbed us of our inheritance. The Kingdom of God is our inheritance.

When we read the Scriptures, we tend to shift the passages that promise victory to after the Second Coming. The Scriptures that promise hard times are assigned to the current age. This is part of the lie that Satan has sold us. The reality is that most of the passages about victory are meant for this age. We have been robbed of the promises of hope.

A corporate mental stronghold is a false idea that takes hold in a culture so that it is widely accepted. The belief that Jesus will build the Kingdom of God when he returns is a corporate mental stronghold that has crippled the Church.

The second coming of Jesus will not achieve anything spiritually that would destroy the forces of evil. Seeing Jesus will not be enough. Many people saw Jesus when he lived on earth, but continued to reject him. Those who teach a "millennium" after the second coming often imply that Jesus will establish the Kingdom by force. It is hard to imagine how Jesus would do this. Even if he sat on a throne in Jerusalem, he could only control those in the immediate vicinity. Those further abroad could escape his power. Jesus can accomplish far more in the present age through the Holy Spirit. Working through him, Jesus can extend his power and influence throughout the entire earth.

The Jews expected Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God by force. He refused to do this, and said,

My Kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest (John 18:36).

He said this to show that his Kingdom would not be established by worldly means. Yet this is what many Christians are wanting him to do. Jesus refused to use force, even though he could have called on his Father to send a whole host of angels to his aid (Matt 26:52,53). His Kingdom is not to be established by the sword. Jesus knew that true converts cannot be won by force. God has a much better way; to win the hearts of men through the inner work of the Holy Spirit, as the church proclaims the gospel.

Jesus will not return to establish a kingdom, but will return for judgment.

The Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone (Jude 14-15).

When Jesus returns, it will be for the last judgment. This is confirmed in the parable of the Minas (Luke 19:11-27). In this parable, the nobleman goes away to receive his kingdom. He returns when he has been made king. His servants are then judged for what they have achieved. This describes Jesus ministry. He ascends into heaven to receive his Kingdom. When it is established, he returns for judgment. He then hands his Kingdom over to the Father (1 Cor 15:23-25). The same passage teaches that his second coming will be "the end". It is not followed by another age.

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