Most Christians believe that the second coming is very close. This belief is now so universal that it is hardly ever questioned. However, Christians in every age have believed that the second coming is near, but they all proved to be wrong. We need to be careful that we do not make the same mistake. The second coming of Jesus is not necessarily as close as most bible teachers claim.

The most important event in the near future is the calling of the Jews (see times and seasons). This is an event that is getting close, and it is an event that will have a tremendous impact on the world. The Calling of the Jews will happen during a Time of Distress and bring in a new stage of history; a time of blessing greater than the world has ever known. Christians should be working and praying for the conversion of the Jews, rather than waiting for the return of Christ. In this way, they will speed the coming of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom will be established through the proclamation of the gospel and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Christians already have the power and the authority that they need to establish the kingdom of God. We do not have to wait for the return of Christ to see it become a reality. Instead, we should be going out in the power of the Spirit, to win the world for Jesus, now.

We should remember that many sincere Christians throughout history have thought that the second coming was close. They were all wrong. We should always be ready for the return of Jesus, but we should not simply assume that it will occur in our time. Once the Kingdom of God is established by the church, it may continue for thousands of year. Therefore, the second coming of Jesus may be a very long way away.

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