Daniel 11 describes a struggle between the King of the North and the King of the South. Who are they?

These kings are not earthly kings. They are strong spiritual powers, maybe cosmos dominators, who control a number of nations by controlling the government-spirits that control these nations. They lead a group of government-spirits that control a number of nations. This allows several nations to work together for an evil purpose.

The groups of government-spirits that these strong spiritual powers control is fluid. Some government-spirits shift allegiance from one power to another. This results in shifting alliances among the nations of the earth.

These two powerful spirits often work through a dominant nation in the alliance they control. However, the dominant nation may change as history progresses.

The King of the South represents the Islamic nations that are to the south of Israel, which was Daniel's home. (Negeb, the Hebrew word for South comes from a root meaning parched). Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia have dominated the South in the last two decades. These nations are all parched. One government-spirit controlled by the King of the South (King of the Dry and Thirsty) is the Prince of Persia.

The King of the North is called Greece in Dan 11:2. This means that the common idea that the King of the North is Russia is wrong. The King of the North is clearly linked with Greece. However, it is not the nation of Greece, but the civilisation that came out of Greece. Modern historians and philosophers consider that Western Civilisation emerged out of ancient Greece. Therefore, the King of the North symbolises Western Civilisation (the Hebrew word for North comes from a root meaning darkness).

Originally, Western Civilisation was centred on Europe, but the United States now dominates Europe in terms of military power and cultural influence. Since the Second World War, Europe has been dependent on the United States. Many European businesses are controlled by United States companies. European defence has been the responsibility of NATO and is guaranteed by the United States. American troops are still based in Germany. The United States has developed an enormous arsenal of weapons (including nuclear weapons), and it now uses them to exert its influence in the world. Since the end of the Cold War, it has become the dominant force in the world. America, by default, has become the world's policeman.

The word North is "tsaphown", which means hidden or dark. The word was used to describe the north, because the north seemed to be remote and dark. The King of the North appears to be good, but his true character is hidden, and he is actually dark. He is working to achieve evil.

The nations that the King of the North (Darkness) has worked through has changed over time. He began with Greece, then switched from Rome to Germany to England. For the last century, he has been working through the United States.

We are living in a time when the King of the North is in ascendancy, but is being challenged by the King of the South (remember that these are spiritual powers). The struggle between the King of the North and the King of the South is a picture of a clash between Western Civilisation (controlled by the United States) and the Islamic nations. This clash is now coming to a head. This struggle will dominate the next few decades, in the same way as the Cold War dominated the post-war decades.

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