Saudi Arabia is directly to the south of Israel. This kingdom is the heart of the Middle East (king of the South) because Mecca is the spiritual home of Islam, but it has become one of the most unstable nations in the Middle East. The Saudi royal family is corrupt, immoral and dysfunctional. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman recently seized power, but has created many enemies amongst the other princes.

While the royal family is extremely rich, the rest of the population is very poor. Most of the population is young, with being under the age of eighteen. They have been educated in schools dominated by Wahabi clerics. The schools are breeding ground for militant Islam and preachers all over Iraq openly call for jihad against the west. Saudi Arabia is a powder keg that just needs a match to set it alight.

One possibility is that an ISIS-style commander will turn up in the deserts of Arabia and stir up an insurgency among the Sunni Tribes that have been mistreated by the Saud family rulers. This military leader will destroy the arrogance of the Saudi King.

Alternatively, the Houthi leaders who are defending Yemen against the ongoing Saudi might attack successfully. Recently, the Houthis have successfully launched a drone attack against Saudi oil infrastructure. This severely curtailed Saudi oil exports, causing the Saudi rulers to sue for peace.

Worse still, the Saudis might find themselves fighting on two fronts, attacked by the Houthis to the south and the successors of ISIS from the North and East. The Saudi king mightg try to withdraw back to his stronghold in Riyadh, but his military forces could be destroyed, and his rich royal family would have to flee from the county.

The power of the kings of Saudi Arabia will eventually fail. The overthrow of the Saudi king will disrupt oil supplies to the West. Saudi Arabia holds a quarter of the world's oil reserves. It has enormous surplus oil production that allows it to determine the price of oil throughout the world.

The United States is very dependent on this unstable nation. The Saudis have deposited trillions of dollars in American banks and own enormous shareholdings in American companies. The collapse of the Saudi royal family would be a disaster for the United States and Europe. (It may cause a worldwide economic disaster). They will probably invade Saudi Arabia to protect their economies. Saudi Arabia has one of the best-equipped armies in the world, but very few loyal troops, so it would be powerless against a western juggernaut.

Isaiah 21:13-17 is a prophecy about the destruction of Arabia. The people will be forced to hide in the desserts and caves from the invading army.

From the face of destruction they fled, from the face of a stretched-out sword, and from the face of a trodden bow, and from the face of the grievousness of battle (Is 21:15 YLT).
The repetition of the word sword signifies (stretched-out sword) the intensity of the attack. Note the reference to "destruction" and the "grievousness of battle". This suggests that the King of the North may use "weapons of mass destruction" to achieve victory.

Bowmen symbolise the Islamic revival (see Islam Advances ). Isaiah saw the bow being trampled. This suggests that the Islamic revival in Saudi Arabia will be crushed so that only a remnant remains.

The survivors of the bowmen, the warriors of Kedar, will be few. The Lord, the God of Israel, has spoken (Is 21:16).

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