While other Middle Eastern nations are struggling against ISIS, the leaders of Israel will harden their position against the Palestinians. Daniel warns that people in Israel will try to force things to happen.

Also, the children of violence among you people shall lift themselves up to establish the vision; but they shall fall (Dan 11:14b).

Daniels says that Israel’s leaders will rise up to accomplish their vision of a greater Israel by using military force, rather than relying on God for their deliverance. The nations of the world will be putting pressure on Israel to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. Some ruthless people in Israel will attempt to take advantage of their distraction by other disturbances. They will use violence and force to expand their vision for the dominance of Israel.

The leaders of Israel will become ruthless in their dealing with Palestinian people and thumb their noses at the world community. This has happened under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. He is not interested in peace, but sustains his political popularity by using military force against Palestinian protestors and launching bombs and missiles against the surrounding nations.

The Israeli defence forces have been shooting at protesters marching in Gaza. These protests are no threat to Israel, as they cannot get close to the border fence. Snipers are shooting at the protestors and deliberately picking off people who appear to be leaders. They have killed several hundred people. Thousands of young people have been injured, many by being shot deliberately in their leg or foot. They will be crippled for life. This shocking slaughter has been ignored by the mainstream media.

Israel has been rapidly expanding settlements into Palestinian areas. Politicians are promising that they will annex more and more Palestinian land.

One translation of “children of violence” is “burglars of your people”. Several of the main leaders of Israel have been accused of corruption and profiting from their positions of power to rob the people. Charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust were laid against Benjamin Netanyahu in connection with three cases in 2019.

The heart of this movement is flawed, so it will eventually fail. Daniel says that these leaders “will fall”. They will fail to establish their vision, because they are rushing ahead of God's agenda. The result will be a disaster for Israel.

A more serious fulfilment of this prophecy occurred through the Israeli war on Gaza during 2023/24. For the previous 16 years, Israel had imposed an economic blockade on the Palestinian people living in Gaza. At the same time, Israel has been stealing Palestinian land by establishing settler towns on the West Bank.

Western nations provided support for Israel’s bad behaviour. It is allowed to have nuclear weapons and drop bombs on neighbouring nations like Syria and Lebanon with impunity. In contrast, the people of Gaza were not allowed to have weapons and were expected to hunker down in their outdoor prison without complaining, even though their children were starving and thirsty, dying of disease and being killed by military weapons. This situation could not last.

On 7 October 2023, Gaza militants executed a cleverly planned military attack on the Israeli military forces that were enforcing the economic blockade on Gaza. The Israelis were caught sleeping, and the Palestinian fighters gained control of at least a dozen bases on the border in Israel. They took prisoners of war from among the Israeli forces who were seriously defeated in this battle to hold as hostages. Their plan was to swap them for some of the thousands of prisoners held hostage by Israel.

The Israeli reaction to this defeat has exposed its ugly heart before the face of the people of the world.

Indiscriminate bombing was followed by a brutal invasion.
At least thirty thousand people were killed, the majority of them women and children.
One hundred thousand were injured.
Thousands were missing, many of them dying a slow and painful death under rubble.
Thousands of children were orphaned.
Hospitals were destroyed, with doctors and nurses being killed.
Universities and schools were destroyed.
Civilian infrastructure was demolished.
Half the houses in Gaza were destroyed.
Israel destroyed agricultural land in an attempt to make Gaza inhabitable.
Property ownership records were destroyed.
Pregnant women were left without care.
New-born babies died due to lack of nutrition and medical care.
Children had to have limbs amputated without anaesthetics.
Deliveries of food, water and medical supplies were cut off.
Millions were starved and thirsty.
Sickness and disease spread rapidly.
Thousands of people were forced to live in tents during winter.
Israel has prevented food and medical supplies from getting into Gaza. Israel blockaded food supplies into Gaza.
Israeli protesters damaged trucks carrying food.
Aid workers who have been killed by Israeli tanks.
Palestinians who gathered to obtain food were killed with tanks.
Israel deliberately starved civilians.
Thirty thousand bombs and shells were dropped on Gaza — eight times more bombs than the U.S. dropped on Iraq during six years of war.
Hundreds of 2,000-pound bombs obliterated densely populated areas, including refugee camps.
Huge bombs were dropped on the places where people were told to go for safety.
Vulgar and violent behaviour by IDF soldiers was recorded on video and published on social media.
Prisoners were mistreated and tortured by their Israeli captors. Women were sexually abused by their Israeli captors.
While the war on Gaza was underway, Jewish settlers on the West Bank tormented their Palestinian neighbours. Palestinians were killed by settlers while the IDF watched on.

Israel exposed the brutality, anger, hatred and fear in its heart before the entire world. Their defenders continued to deny the truth, but anyone with half-open eyes could see it.

Christians, particularly in the United States, provided blanket support for Israel (This was the Woman on the Beast in action). Thousands of bombs made and paid for by Christian America were dropped on trapped civilians, and no one cared. Christian leaders offered euphoric and jubilant approval of this destructive violence. God's people have become an embarrassment to God.

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