When the George Bush and his little helpers invaded Iraq in 2003 (described in Dan 11:10), they were not just attacking a third-rate Middle Eastern nation, but was taking on the enormous spiritual forces of the King of the South (he is a spiritual entity). The King of the South did not just roll over, but struck back hard. The people of the United States were surprised by the ferocity of these spiritual forces and lacked the spiritual strength to resist.

Daniel describes the consequences of the United States invasion of Iraq.

The king of the South will be enraged and go forth and fight with the king of the North (Dan 11:11).

The invasion of Iraq caused the King of the South to stir up resistance against the United States forces. This part of the prophecy was fulfilled by the insurgency that erupted in Iraq after the Ba'athist government collapsed. Conquering Iraq was relatively easy, but maintaining control proved to be extremely difficult. The concentration of American forces in Iraq made them vulnerable to terrorist attack, leading to large-scale losses. A variety of Islamic groups emerged to fight against the United States in Iraq in fulfilment of this prophecy.

The Shiite Iraqis were stirred up first. Shia militia undertook a widespread insurgency in southern Iraq and seized control of most of Baghdad.

Sunni Moslems were stirred up when the United States forces entered Al Fallujah and killed several unarmed demonstrators. A year later, Sunni forces were able to reclaim the city, before being ousted by a siege and two re-invasions by US forces. These events stirred up opposition throughout the Sunni regions of Iraq. This Sunni insurgency in Iraq eventually emerged into ISIS (Islamic State).

In 2014, the Islamic State declared the establishment of a worldwide caliphate, claiming religious, political and military authority over Moslems throughout the world. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named as its caliph, to be known as "Caliph Ibrahim". The Islamic State advanced rapidly in Iraq and Syria. The key cities of Mosul and Raqqa were captured, along with the territory and towns surrounding them. At its peak, Baghdad was under threat from Islamic State.

Daniel described the rise and rapid advance of ISIS in Daniel 11:12. The King of the South will stir up a great multitude and a great multitude will be given into his hand (Dan 11:12a) The leaders of Islamic State used social media successfully to recruit followers from all the earth. The Hebrew word translated "multitude" means "roar, crowd or tumult". It speaks of a tumultuous and noisy crowd. Words are doubled in Hebrew for emphasis. The word multitude is used twice to emphasise the size of the crowd stirred up. This is a good description of the internet. The phrase "given into his hand" could refer to a defeat in battle, but more likely means "placed under his command". Volunteers emerging from this massive noisy crowd will be controlled by the leaders of ISIS.

When this multitude is raised up, their heart will be lifted high, but tens of thousands will fall and he will not prosper (Dan 11:12b)
When large numbers of young people join them and they are successful in battle, they will become proud. Their victories gave them confidence to claim that they were establishing a new caliphate. This concept had fallen out of use since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of nationalism as the dominant force in the Middle East. When this move seems to be successful, people who have been passive for decades will be stirred up with a new courage. Bold resistance against the traditional rulers will boost their pride.

Daniel warned that the Islamic State would kill many people. Thousands will fall at their hand. Many people would be ruthlessly killed. However, this movement will not prosper. ISIS will eventually be defeated.

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