A number of years ago, God challenged me about my attitude to his law (benign neglect) from Psalm 119. When I learned to love the law, I discovered insights that I had not seen before. The hardest to love was Leviticus, but when I re-examined it in the light of Jesus ministry, I discovered that it describes spiritual warfare in the season before Jesus came to earth (quarantine was part of that battle).

According to God's law, quarantining sick people is a sensible response to an epidemic. God provided quarantine rules for sick people to prevent disease from spreading within the communities where his people lived (Leviticus 13-15; Numbers 5:1-4). A number of things should be noted.

Many of the restrictions required by Leviticus were very sensible in terms of the modern understanding of infection control. The range of sicknesses that should be quarantined is quite broad.