If these principles were applied in New Zealand, it would result in a very different defence policy.

  1. Our current policy is based on alliances with other nations. That is wrong so it would have to end.

  2. New Zealand is an island distant from all other nations. It should be relatively easy to defend from most attacks. The country would be quite hard to invade because it is so isolated. Our defence policy should take this into account.

  3. On the other hand, New Zealand has such a small population, it would not be able to defend against a full-scale attack from a large nation. This is a situation where we would have to count the cost of defence carefully. There is no point in foolhardy, pointless defence, as it would result in a waste of lives. In this situation, we would have no option but to surrender and to trust in God.

  4. For a nation dependent on agriculture like New Zealand, bio-security is probably more important than military security. The power of the sword includes a responsibility to keep out pests and diseases that could be harmful to agriculture or people.

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