The values that prevail in the Kingdom are the opposite of those that dominate the world. The Kingdom of God will turn many things upside down.

The best demonstration of this is the life of Jesus. Although he was the King of Creation, he came to earth and gave his life for the world. He did not seek glory, but humbled himself and became a servant. He was obedient, even to death on the cross (Phil 3:7,8). He did not force people to submit to his authority, but wanted his people's obedience to be motivated by love for him. All Christians, who are called to serve in the Kingdom of God, should follow his example. The Kingdom of God will bring radical change to everything it touches.


The world uses authority imposed from above. Jesus said, "the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them" (Matt 20:25). This is Imposed Authority. In contrast, authority in the kingdom should always be from below. Jesus said, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant" (Matt 20:26). This is Free Authority.

Followers of Jesus must only take authority that is freely given to them, or take authority that comes with positions to which they have been appointed. Daniel did not have to seize authority. He was appointed to a position of authority by a king who recognised his ability (Daniel 2:46-49).

God will never force people to obey him. The maximum force that God will ever use to force a person to obey him is the Holy Spirit working in his heart to draw him to the Father. He wants people to freely choose to obey his authority. He will not force them to obey. God wants his people to take back the authority of the world that has been lost, but we must never take it by force. As the Holy Spirit works in the world and draws men to himself, authority will be freely given back to God's people.

Business Management

Christian business managers will exercise authority in a different way from most managers in the world. They will not try to dominate or control. They will not be obsessed with image or status. They will not use people to advance their own careers. Instead, they will try to develop the full potential of their staff. They will give them freedom and responsibility to make decisions, within the broad standards, goals and values of the business. Decisions will be pushed as far down in the hierarchy as possible. People will be treated with dignity and decency.

Business Goals

As businesses come into the Government of God, their goals will change dramatically. A modern business often seeks to manipulate demand for its products by seductive advertising. They often seek to make a profit at all costs. A business that is part of the Kingdom of God will:

  1. concentrate on meeting the real needs of consumers
  2. treat employees well,
  3. use its resources efficiently
  4. care for the environment
  5. return a reasonable profit
  6. make the world a better place.

Civil Government

Civil government in the Government of God will be radically different. It will consist of temporary military leaders for defence and judges dealing with crime by applying God's law. These leaders will not promise to solve all the problems of the nation, but will trust the gospel to bring peace and blessing. People will be given as much freedom as possible.

Human government is always dangerous. In the Kingdom of God, human government will wither away. As the influence of the gospel increases and sin declines, the role of the civil government will shrink.

The only law will be God's law, so politicians will be unnecessary. They will vote their positions out of existence. This is something that never happens in the world.

Safe Society

A well-functioning society needs four basic things from a system of government.

No human system of government has ever provided all these things. Godís perfect system of economic and social organisation offers them all.

God's perfect government has two main components:

The way of justice is Godís laws for society applied by local judges. Every civilised society needs law to function well. God has met that need by providing a set of perfect laws. His law is ďholy, righteous and goodĒ (Rom 7:12). The foundation for perfect government is God's laws for society.

The second prong of God's system of justice is wise local judges. Law has to be applied. Good law needs wise judges to apply it. However, judges do not need to be appointed by political powers. In Godís system, judges will emerge within local communities as people take their problems to people they perceive to be wise. Local judges are recognised by society as they develop a reputation for wise decisions. Good judges will be recognised by their neighbours.

Judges will serve their people. They will not line their own pockets, as happens in most counties. Their primary goal will be to seek the glory of God and bless people, rather than their own honour.

Law and judges deal with three of the concerns listed above: disputes, theft and violence. Alongside his perfect system of justice, God gave a perfect system of defence, based on temporary military leaders. They deal with the fourth problem listed above.

When the children of Israel faced a threat, people from local communities would gather to defend themselves. Each group would appoint their leader. The leaders of hundreds and thousands would then appoint a military commander to lead them in battle (Moses was the first person in this role). When the threat had passed, the defenders would return to their homes and the temporary military leader would step down from their role.

Godís system of government does not produce perfect people. However, it does allow imperfect people to live together in the relative harmony of a peaceful society.

Voluntary System

God is committed to Free Authority, so he will establish his kingdom on earth without using force and coercion. To achieve this goal, he gave the children of Israel a legal system that does not need political power. A key feature of his system is that no person or group of people is given authority to control society.

Godís law provided a way for people to live together in society without needing Imposed Authority. Political power is not needed, because everything is voluntary.

God Will Do It

Jesus launched a movement that would restore Godís system of government, but the Jewish people rejected him and their priests declared, ďWe have no king but CaesarĒ (John 19:15). Another opportunity was missed.

God still wants his people to be a light to the nations by demonstrating his perfect system of government. Most Christians have rejected this challenge. They have refused Godís system of justice and prefer to live under secular kings and democratic leaders. The nations do not understand the blessings of Godís government, because there is no witness to its glory.

Political philosophers have debated the ideal form of government since history began, but God settled the argument long ago. The ideal system of government is Godís law applied by local judges and protection by temporary military leaders. This system has never been tried, even by the Israelites, but that does not mean it will not work. God knows what he is doing, so we can expect his social system to work better than any alternative.

The Holy Spirit will establish the Government of God on earth, but it will be different from what people expect. Peace will come when justice is administered by local judges applying Godís Law, and society is protected by temporary military leaders.

Christians have never taken Godís system of government seriously. They have rejected Godís law and chosen democracy instead. As the Kingdom of God advances, human governments will fall away and be replaced with the perfect system of government that God revealed to Moses.

The full working of the Kingdom of God is described in the book called Government of God.

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