Evil is defeated by obedience, not praise. This principle is illustrated in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, although the passage is usually interpreted incorrectly to claim that worship caused the victory.

The Moabites and Ammonites raised an army and attacked Judah during the time when Jehoshaphat was king. When he sent his army into battle, he put singers at the front of the army. The usual teaching based on this passage presents a pattern,

Crisis ▶ Worship ▶ Victory
This account of Jehoshaphat's victory misses some important details. The pattern of behaviour in this account is the following.
Crisis ▶ Seek God ▶ Prophet speaks ▶ Obedience ▶ Praise ▶ Victory.
There were three keys to this victory. The worship was a good response to God's promise because it expressed faith in him. However, the worship was not essential for the victory. If they had sought God, listened to his prophets and obeyed God's instructions, they would have achieved the victory anyway. Praise was a good expression of faith, but it was obedience to God's instructions that produced the victory. The worship was good, but superfluous to it. Praise is not a substitute for compliance. Worship is not a substitute for compliance with God's will. This is a truth that seems to have been forgotten by the worship leaders who teach that victory over the spiritual powers of evil comes through praise and worship. This is a dangerous delusion that will lead to disappointment and defeat.

Victory comes through hearing God's word and obeying it. We forget that at our peril.