This Commando Army vision described God's strategy for accomplishing his purposes for this nation.

God's strategy was to use economic crisis to shake up the world system and loosen Satan's hold on the nation. The problem was that he could not shake the world without also seriously shaking his church. His strategy would only work if some Christians got into a place where they would not be touched by the economic crisis. He needed significant groups of Christians to get prepared.

In difficult times, power flows to those who are prepared in advance. The commando units are Christians who have prepared by learning how to move together in the power of God and being able to minister to all people in all situations.The commando units would not be touched by any future climactic events, so they would be strong at a time when everyone else is shattered and confused. They would proclaim the gospel powerfully at a time when people are looking for hope and peace in a sea of trouble.

God could not send the economic crash until the commando armies were prepared. If he were to send a crash before they were ready, it would do too much harm to both the church and the world. The timing of this crash would not be determined by economic events, but by what happened in the church.

Military Commandos

The following are the characteristics of military commandos.

Spiritual Commandos

These physical characteristics must be translated into spiritual terms to understand the nature of Spiritual Commando Units. Accordingly, Christians must do the following to become part of a spiritual commando unit.

Get out of debt.

Learn to live simply.

Share possessions.

Reduce dependence on motor vehicles for fellowship and work.

Make the spiritual gifts normal.

Take hold of Christian healing.

Build real relationships with other Christians.

Do God's work in pairs.

Learn to function as part of a team.

Learn to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Reduce dependence on a few powerful leaders.

Understand spiritual protection.

Total dedication to Jesus.

Do the One Another Stuff.

Get a vision for the Kingdom of God.

Get out of debt.

Not Ready

God's challenge to New Zealand was received in the 1980s, but no one acted. People focussed on the economic crash, but missed the warning to be prepared. Many asked, "Is the crash coming now?" but few asked, "What must I do to be part of the commando army?" People did not get ready, so God's hand has been restrained.

The Lord began to implement his strategy every 10 years, but because his people never get ready, he has been unable to complete his plans.

People listened, but they did not hear

A word that is not heard,
cannot be fulfilled.
God shared his strategy,
and people listened,
but they did not hear
Crash, Crash, Amen, Amen! they said,
but no one got ready.
So God could do nothing,
he could not fulfil his word.
A word that is not heard,
cannot be fulfilled.

The church has had thirty years to prepare, but has done very little. Most Christians are still not a place where they could cope with a real economic crisis. Very few could be strong during a time of disaster.

Despite the advance warnings, we are not ready.

Pivotal Times

Very few Christians understand the critical times that we are living in. Many are looking around and see things falling apart. They are not worried, because they believe that Jesus is returning soon to rescue his people. They look forward to an economic crash, because that brings the second coming closer. They are not worried about difficult times, because they have blind faith that God will take care of them.

Rather than pondering signs and events and waiting for the second coming, Christians should be getting prepared to complete the task that God has called us to do. By warning his church that an economic crash is coming, God was giving us an enormous opportunity. Unfortunately, we are not ready to take that opportunity. We are living in pivotal times, but the pivot is missing.

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