The Lord is saying to his Church

Why are you satisfied with so little

  • with a church that is so feeble
  • with such a small measure of my Spirit
  • with watching others minister when I have prepared a ministry for you
  • with a nation where evil prospers without being checked

Why are you satisfied with so little:

  • when I have promised you my Kingdom
  • when you have been raised up to sit at the right hand of the father
  • when I have so much to give to you

The Lord is waiting for us to become so dissatisfied with our spiritual poverty that we will cry out for more. Spiritual hunger is the key to preparation for what God is going to do. Spiritual hunger should lead to fervent, desperate prayer. Jesus disciples understood this. After the ascension, they gathered in the upper room and cried out for him to send the promised Spirit.

Acts 1:4,5,13,14

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