A refreshed and focused church will be a challenge to a pagan world. Already there is a tremendous hostility building up towards Christianity.

  1. Christians will be accused of bigotry and intolerance. These are the ultimate sins in our culture, which has made a god of tolerance. Everything and anything is tolerated; except intolerance. The world hates the exclusiveness and the confidence of Christianity. To a worldly culture, it will appear to be narrow, arrogant and accusing.

  2. There seems to be a desire among some to finish Christianity off, once and for all. They will be really frustrated by the revival of Christianity. Having thought they have destroyed Christianity, they will be annoyed by its resurgence

  3. The people of the world have enjoyed the so-called freedom which has come with the casting off of the restraints of traditional morality. Christians are perceived by the world as people who are opposed to anything that is fun. They will be afraid that they will lose their freedom to do as they please and will fight hard to retain it.

  4. Our culture is dying because it has lost its way. Throw in the power of the devil; add the despair and desolation of a dying culture and we have a recipe for opposition.

  5. If the intellectuals leaders give them backing, there will be plenty of people, who have been trained on a diet of immorality and violence on television and video games, to do their dirty work.

  6. The worst persecution may come from Christians who have rejected the moving of the Holy Spirit

If we get our act together, the world will hate us (John 15:18,19). We can expect that revival will bring persecution. Baptism in the Holy Spirit will be followed by baptism in fire.

Acts 4:3; 5:4

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