The refreshing of the Spirit should lead greater commitment to God and greater commitment to other Christians. This should lead to more focussed fellowship in the church. All Christians need to be in strong fellowship with other Christians if they are to be ready for what lies ahead. Those who stand alone will not be able to stand (see dream). Acts 2:42-47; 4:32.


In the modern world, there has been a breakdown of community. Rampant individualism has left society fragmented and people isolated. If the church is to be effective in reaching the modern world, it will have to provide an answer to this problem. People will need more than an hour on Sunday and Wednesday in a home group to be attracted.

Fellowship and community were a key feature of the early church. There is a real hunger for fellowship and community in the world. The church will need to rediscover a more vibrant community if it is to experience the fullness of revival.

Leadership and discipleship

Looking at current church leadership and structure there does not seem to be enormous potential for growth. Most leaders are exhausted by the flock that they already have. If the number of Christians was to double, they would be hard pressed to cope. For all the new people to be discipled there would need to be a rapid increase in the number of disciples. We need a church structure that can cope with rapid growth in numbers. We can't just assume that the Holy Spirit would take care of it.


Revival has two sides. The Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of men in a special way to bring conviction and in others to work signs and wonders. On the other side, the Holy Spirit needs people to work in. He needs people who are totally committed, who will move in the power of the Spirit to make things happen. In previous revivals, men like George Whitefield, John Wesley and Evan Roberts demonstrated this radical commitment. In this current age, God will not work through few heroes. To bring in Revival, God will need a great army of people who are totally sold out to him.

God can send his spirit. But he needs Christians who are ready:
to share the gospel
to pray for the sick
to cast out demons
to move in intercession.

This will require a high level of commitment to the Lord.

Our culture is extremely self-centred; comfort and the good life are the primary goal. These values have also taken root in the church.

Preaching radical discipleship like Jesus (Luke 14:25-34) is no longer fashionable. Rather the gospel is proclaimed as a solution to problems and a way of making life better in "seeker friendly" services. Christianity is often portrayed as a consumer product, which can be added on without giving up on the "good life".

The gospel that Jesus preached was not "seeker friendly", it required conviction, fear of God, repentance, commitment, giving up etc. A more radical discipleship and total commitment to the Lordship of Jesus will be required if revival is to come. The Holy Spirit will not do it for us, without disrupting our comfort or forcing us out of our armchairs.

To go on to victory, Christians will need a real toughness. A high level of commitment to the Lordship of Jesus will be required.

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