In some Christian circles, there is considerable chatter about sheep nations and goat nations, based on Jesus parable of the sheep and the goats (Matt 25:31-46). Of course, most Christians assume that their nation is a sheep nation.

I can't help wondering if the nation described below really is a sheep nation.

This nation has more intercessors and prophets than any nation in the world. They are crying out "Lord, Lord", but...

The Christian secretary of state of this nation has imposed additional sanctions on Iran at a time when many people are sick and dying of Covid19 due to inadequate health equipment and health supplies. This nation blocked loans from the IMF to be used for purchasing health equipment.

Is Jesus saying, "I was a sick stranger (Greek word xenos), but your xenophopbic Christian leaders imposed sanctions that prevented me from getting health care".
The favourite ally of this nation shoots protesting youths across a boundary fence with sniper rifles aiming deliberately to smash their knee, ankle or shin, so they will be crippled for life.
Is Jesus saying, "I was a refugee and your friend crippled me by shooting me in the ankle, but you turned and looked the other way, and then supplied them with more weapons."
This nation supported its ally, the murderous Moslem dictator of Saudi Arabia to invade Yemen, which is one of the poorest nations in the world. This nation supplied the weapons used to bomb hospitals, schools, houses and bridges, killing tens of thousands of people. This nation has supported a blockade that has prevented food from getting to the hungry people of Yemen. Now when Covid19 has arrived, this nation has cut off promised funding for medical supplies.

Is Jesus saying "I was poor and sick, but you helped people to drop bombs on my school and home and steal my food."

This nation fought an 18-year war against Afghanistan because it provided hospitality for one of this nation's proxy fighters who went rogue and turned against his sponsor. Now because it does not like the infighting between the warlords it made into a government, this nation is cutting off a billion dollars of aid.

This nation did not like the elected leader of Syria, so it stirred up a war and supplied weapons to groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. This nation was allowed to fight a civil war to put down, a succession movement, but the government of Syria is not. Now when the war is almost over, this nation has imposed sanctions on Syria to prevent its towns and cities from being rebuilt, because it still does not like its leader.

This nation did not like the leader of Libya, so it killed him and stirred up a civil war that has wrecked the nation that had the best health care and education in Africa.

This nation was not happy when the dictator it had assisted to power in Iraq got too big for his boots and turned ugly, so it invaded the nation and wrecked its economy, but it stills demands the right to decide who should rule the nation. This nation is imposing limits on imports of natural gas that the people need to survive, because it does not like the neighbouring nation that is supplying it.

Maybe Jesus is saying, "I was the slave of a dictator, but made me a slave of war, poverty and violence".

At a time when this nation is baling out big companies that wasted their profits on share buybacks that helped the rich, but left their company without financial reserves (corporate socialism), this nation is punishing the people of Venezuela for electing a socialist government to use oil money to bail out the poor rather than allow it to flow to rich oligarchs and their cronies.

Jesus might be saying, "I was trying to help the poor, but you tried to make poorer."

This nation has more prophets and intercessors than any nation in the world. They are claiming that God will quickly deliver their nation from Covid19 and restore its prosperity and economic domination of the world.

But maybe Jesus is saying, "You are calling out, 'Lord, Lord', but I cannot hear you above the cries of the children suffering and dying from your nation's wars, blockades and sanctions".

Remember, nations will be judged on the basis of what they have done, not what other nations may have done. More is expected from those who have been given most.

If the behaviour described above is indicative of a sheep nation, August Caesar might be complaining with God, "I were not as bad as that, and I did not have the benefit of the cross and the Holy Spirit".