Zelensky has not acted with truthfulness and integrity
His lies will be exposed
A bad spirit will come between Zelensky and the western news media.
When they realise that he has duped them
They will be filled with scorn,
They will turn on him and attack him with a vengeance.

They will accuse him of doing the things
that he has accused his enemies of doing.
His false accusations will turn back on his head,
and he will lose his place.

A bad spirit will come between Z and his people.
When they realise that he has lied to them,
making false promises that he cannot deliver
and used their men as cannon fodder for no benefit,
destroying their country
and wrecking their economy,
while stealing their wealth.
They will hate him, and he will lose his place.

The battle has been heavy
but he did not acknowledge it
so something bad will close in on them.
Some of the soldiers whom he betrayed
will be so angry
that they return to Kiev
and destroy him.

Ukraine will be given into the hands
of the people who have plundered them.
The oligarchs and neo-nazis who rule the country
will be exposed
when they openly seize control.
Their true character will be revealed.

God will surrender them in the hands of the nation they hate
His hand will be against them
so they cannot stand against it.
Things will go badly for them
as they come under intense pressure.

Western military and political leaders
will be embarrassed when they realise
who they have been supporting
and will turn against them with a vengeance.
They will break faith with each other,
and blame each other for their failures.

Joe Biden has not acted with truthfulness and integrity
so God will release a season of fire in his nation:
His funding and equipping of bloodshed
to strengthen the hand of evil
will come back on his head
Violence will come home on him
and release a spirit of violence amongst his people.
Fire will come out and devour him.
A flood of violence will sweep across the land.

God will send a bad spirit between Biden and his people,
His bad actions will be turned back on his head.
He is playing God, and trying to weaken Russia,
but his nation will be divided and weakened under his rule.

God will be against Biden
He will not be able to stand against the evil
moving across the southern border.

Biden He will believe he is winning,
but it is just chasing the shadows of mountains.
God will be against him.
A woman will fracture his authority
and his power will be destroyed.

(December 1922)