I heard James Dobson say, that the gap between the thinking and lifestyle of the Church and that of the world is greater than at any time since the first century. Therefore the hostility of the world towards the church should be greater than it has ever been. The fact that it is not suggests that the Church has compromised with the world. I found this comment very disturbing. That night I had a very vivid dream.

I saw an old tumbledown brick building. It was quite large, nearly a hundred metres long. The walls at the back were still about head high. Those at the front were completely smashed, and only a rubble of bricks remained. There was a lawn between the building and the street. Several hundred people were in the building, others were sitting on the lawn enjoying the sunshine. Some were dancing to the music that wafted out of the building.

Then a large hostile crowd appeared out on the street. At first, they were mocking and hurling abuse. The people in the building and on the lawn did not seem to care; it was so pleasant in the sun. Then one person threw a bottle. It fell harmlessly on the lawn, but the hostile crowd gave a great cheer.

Those sitting on the lawn retreated into the building. Then others began to throw bottles and various missiles. When some of the people were hurt by these, the hostile crowd gained confidence. They started to attack those in the building using broken bottles as weapons. Soon people in the building were bleeding severely and screaming in agony. It was total chaos.

My wife and I were with a couple we know well. We stood together in a place at one end where the wall was still standing on three sides. With a wall behind and standing together, we were able to resist the attackers and keep safe. People who were on their own were totally exposed and many were badly hurt.

This is a picture of the church. It is tumbled down and the people in it are isolated. If persecution comes, many Christians will be destroyed.

June 1997

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