Christchurch has always been a city of mixture. It began with a glorious vision, but this was quickly corrupted by greed, control and pride. This mixture of godly purpose corrupted by sin and evil taints much of what happens in Christchurch. It is illustrated in the stained glass windows in the Provincial Buildings. One window has the words

All wisdom comes from the Lord and is with him forever.

Another says

Opinion is the great pillar that upholds the commonwealth.

What a contrast!

One school has a motto,

Always faithful.

Another has the motto,

A good tradition well maintained.

We need to break free from this mixture and serve God with an undivided heart.

The sins that have affected Christchurch have been well documented. The evil that has impacted on Christchurch has been frequently preached against. However, if we focus too much on evil and sin, there is a risk that we will miss God's purpose. Christians should focus on what God is doing, rather than studying the works of the enemy.

Spirit of Jezebel

Mike Richardson, who was the City Manager, said that the spirits over the Cathedral Square are "depression, suicide and death". This is true, but I believe that is not the full picture. The dominant spirit in Christchurch is pride. Pride can be seen in our schools, rugby, hospitals and churches. Christchurch is a proud city. Instead of honouring Jesus it has gone into the opposite spirit. The city is full of pride. This spirit of pride came to Christchurch with the early settlers.

Rev 2:18-22 are key verses for Christchurch. Jezebel was driven by pride. She was so proud of her beauty, that she believed she could control and manipulate any opposition (2 Kings 9:13). Pride also leads to witchcraft, often in the form of manipulation and control (Gal 5:19). (Christchurch is known all over the world as the city of the wizard.)

There is a spiritual battle going on for the Christchurch. There is a kingdom anointing on city. Satan uses the Jezebel spirit to attack the Kingdom anointing. We should focus on the purposes of God, but we must also understand the nature of this spiritual battle. We must establish spiritual victory, before we can establish God's purpose in Christchurch.

Jezebel is the archetypal evil bride. She was also an adulterer, the opposite of a bride. Therefore, it is not surprising that the spirit has attacked Christchurch, Jesus bride

The characteristics or weapons of the Jezebel spirit are

  • seduction, leading astray (Rev 2:20)
  • fornication and adultery (Rev 2:20)
  • dependence on the wisdom of men (rejecting God's wisdom is a form of adultery) (Proverbs 5)
  • self-appointment (Rev 2:20)
  • pride (2 Kings 9:13)
  • jealousy (1 Kings 19)
  • manipulation and control (1 Kings 19)
  • witchcraft
  • intimidation (1 Kings 19)
  • self-pity (1 Kings 21:4,5. 19:14.)

All of these have been present in Christchurch from its beginning, especially pride jealousy, manipulation and control. Christians in Christchurch must be careful to resist these things.

The consequences of surrender to a Jezebel spirit are the following:

All these things are evident in Christchurch as Mike Richardson noted. The healing ministry has always been hard going in this city. Christchurch has had the longest surgical waiting lists in NZ. The incidence of some illnesses is the worst in the world. Depression and youth suicide are serious problems in Christchurch.

Manipulation and Control

The church must be careful not to use control or manipulation to achieve God's purposes. The church has authority in heaven (the keys). However, the Church has no authority over earthly institutions. Its authority is in heaven, not on earth. The role of the church is limited to prayer, preaching the gospel, challenging prophetically and teaching the word of God. The church must teach the word of God so that those in authority can do the will of God, so the Kingdom will come.

Jesus does not establish his kingdom by forcing people to obey him. He wants voluntary obedience from people who have surrendered their lives to him. Once people have given the lives to Jesus in response to the gospel, the church has a role in teaching them how to obey Jesus. Part of this role will be teaching them to obey God's will as they function in positions of authority within the various institutions that make up society.

The church can teach politicians how to establish God's will in civil government; but it must not demand authority over the civil authorities. The church can teach Christian businessmen how to obey God in their work, but it must not take control of their businesses. The church must not take control of political institutions or businesses. The Kingdom of God becomes a reality as they voluntarily obey God in their position of authority.

The Church has always faced a temptation to take control and exercise authority on earth. In the Middle Ages, the church appointed kings and controlled the price of bread. This was wrong. An imperious church dominating everything is not the Kingdom of God. The church must not be tempted to take control. This temptation will be particularly strong in Christchurch.

Satan has put spirits of pride and control in place from the beginnings of the city. The church must be very careful that it limits itself to teaching the people and exercising a prophetic role. It must not take authority that does not belong to it. The church must not try to control those in positions of authority. It must resist the spirit of control.

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