An army that had been defeated in a tough battle. The soldiers were not in formation, but were isolated and alone. Some were still fighting, standing alone a strategic piece of ground and defending desperately. Others were still trying to go forward against the enemy. Many had given up and were retreating in despair. However, no matter whether they were attacking, standing or retreating, they isolated an alone.

The enemy general said,

Destroy the Stragglers

He understood that he was in a position to pick off the soldiers one at a time and destroy the remnant of the army.

Over the last few months, I have watched a number of Christians come under intense spiritual attack. Some have been key leaders and others have been backslidden, but they are all really struggling to survive. The reason is that the church in New Zealand has almost lost the battle for the nation, but the church is so absorbed in busy activities that we have not noticed. But the enemy has and he is on the offensive.

Some Christians are still trying to advance, others are standing firm, but many are retreating. Although, they are often surrounded by other Christians, from the spiritual perspective, they are all standing alone and Satan is picking them off one at a time. The reality is that we are all stragglers, and the enemy is destroying stragglers. The times are desperate; we must get together and support each other in battle.

February 2003

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