The city of Christchurch was named after Christ Church, the college at Oxford University, which Robert Godley attended. It was unique in that it is both a college and a Cathedral. This church-university link is very important.

The college was built on the site of the prior of Frideswide. Princess Frideswide was the daughter of the king of Oxford in the 7th century AD. According to legend, she fled from a lecherous king when he was struck blind and hid in a swamp. She eventually established a convent. She healed a girl of blindness and released a demoniac. The Gift of Healing should be strong in Christchurch.

The college was founded by Cardinal Wolsey and Henry VIII in 1840 (note the political connection). Wolsey held two of the most powerful religious and political positions in England. He was both a Cardinal and the Lord Chancellor of England. The hallmarks of his life were ambition and magnificence. He had a grand plan for his college. He fell out with Henry VIII when he refused to sanction Henry's divorce from Catherine.

Christ Church always had a political connection. Charles I used Christ Church as his headquarters during the civil war. Some key leaders who were educated at Christ Church were John Wesley, William Penn, John Locke, John Ruskin, WE Gladstone and Sir Robert Peel.

A dozen Prime ministers of England were educated at Christ Church. The last was Anthony Eden. Again we see the political dimension. Christ Church had a key role in preparing the nations political leaders. Similarly, the City of Christchurch in New Zealand will have a role in preparing leaders for when the Kingdom of God is being established here.

Christ Church was the college that the poet Ruskin attended. In 2000 there is a conference in Christ Church to celebrate the centenary of his death in 1900. The flyer for the conference says,

Ruskin was consciously prophetic, putting his penetrative and associative mind to urgent questions and analysing them with a moral force which is still active, disturbing and pointed a hundred years after his death.

Christchurch will have a similar prophetic role.

Music played a key role in the college. Parallel to this, there is an anointing for music (not just Christian) in Christchurch. There is an anointing on creativity in Christchurch: music, drama, media, culture will flourish in the city, if they are submitted to the will of God.

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