Despite all the promises and promises of revival,
nothing seems to be happening.
It seems like something is needed to break things open.
What is the circuit breaker, that will open the way for the Holy Spirit to
really move?

People are praying for revival.

Prophets are prophesying
an outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
but nothing is happening.

God will not put new wine
into old wineskins.

Dark clouds are coming,
but the church is not ready;
no one is ready.

The days are urgent;
but nothing changes.

We should be using the time to prepare.

The circuit breaker is

Christians Connecting

God can pour out his Spirit,
but he cannot make people connect.
We must do that ourselves.
We have to choose to act.

Christians must be fully connected.
The body must have four limbs
all joined to the body:
pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles.
Each bone must be joined to two other.
Each limb should have five fingers or toes.

We cannot get connected together
by meeting on a Sunday.
It will take a much greater commitment.

God's strategy for Christchurch is to connect Christians together in new wineskins.

Prophets should be prophesying connection (Ezek 37:4-6). This is not the time for prophesying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

February 2006

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