Daniel 7 gives a description of Four Beasts that Daniel saw in a vision in a dream while lying on his bed. He wrote down the substance of his dream. Daniel saw four beasts rise out of a sea that was being churned up and stirred about by the four winds of heaven. The sea is a symbol of the people of the earth (Rev 17:15), so the vision will be fulfilled in a time of tumult on the earth. Daniel saw a vision of four beasts, that represent four kingdoms that will arise on the earth prior to the saints receiving victory on the earth (Dan 7:17,18). His vision could be a description of the rise of American power.

The first three beasts that Daniel saw were:

The fear and uncertainty created by the first three beasts open up the way for the emergence of the fourth beast.

This beast is different from the rest because it represents the climax of human political power. The people of the world hand over their freedom to human governments in the hope of finding peace in a troubled world. Political leaders submit to this beast, because they believe it can protect them.

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