The values that prevail in the Kingdom are the opposite of those that dominate the world. The Kingdom of God will turn many things upside down.

The best demonstration of this is the life of Jesus. Although he was the King of Creation he came to earth and gave his life for the world. He did not seek glory, but humbled himself and became a servant. He was obedient, even to death on the cross (Phil 3:7,8). He did not force people to submit to his authority, but wanted his people's obedience to be motivated by love for him. All Christians, who are called to serve in the Kingdom of God, should follow his example. The Kingdom of God will bring radical change to everything it touches.


The world uses authority from above. Jesus said, "the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them" (Matt 20:25). In contrast, authority in the kingdom should always be from below. Jesus said, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant" (Matt 20:26).

Christians must only take authority that is freely given to them, or take authority that comes with positions to which they have been appointed. Daniel did not have to seize authority. He was appointed to a position of authority by a king who recognised his ability (Daniel 2:46-49).

God will never force people to obey him. The maximum force that God will ever use to force a person to obey him, is the Holy Spirit working in his heart to draw him to the Father. He wants people to freely choose to obey his authority. He will not force them to obey. God wants his people to take back the authority of the world that has been lost, but we must never take if by force. As the Holy Spirit works in the world and draws men to himself, authority will be freely given Back to God's people.

Business Management

Christian business managers will exercise authority in a different way from most managers in the world. They will not try to dominate or control. They will not be obsessed with image or status. They will not use people to advance their own careers. Instead they will try to develop the full potential of their staff. They will give them freedom and responsibility to make decisions, within the broad, standards, goals and values of the business. Decisions will be pushed as far down in the hierarchy as possible. People will be treated with dignity and decency.

Business Goals

As businesses come into the Government of God, their goals will change dramatically. The modern business often seeks to manipulate demand for its products by seductive advertising. They often seek to make a profit at all costs. A business that is part of the Kingdom of God will:

  1. concentrate on meeting real needs of consumers
  2. treat employees well,
  3. use its resources efficiently
  4. care for the environment
  5. Return a reasonable profit
  6. make the world a better place.

Civil Government

A Christian civil government should always be a limited . It will consist of temporary military leaders for defence and judges for the punishment of crime. These leaders will not promise to solve all the problems of the nation, so they will . People will be given as much freedom as possible, subject only to the limits of biblical law. Unlimited government is always dangerous.

In the Kingdom of God, we will see the withering away of the state. Civil Government is only needed in a world where sin and evil prevails. As the influence of Christianity increases and sin declines, the role of the civil government will shrink. Murder and theft will decline, so the need for the sword will diminish. Defence may still be important.

The only law will be God's law, so politicians will be unnecessary. They will vote their positions out of existence. This is something that never happens in the world.

Judges will serve their people. They will not line their own pockets, as happens in most counties. Their primary goal will be to seek the glory of God, rather than their own honour.

The ultimate fulfilment is described in the book called Government of God.

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